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5G vs 4G

  5G and 4G are generations of cellular network technology. 5G is the latest generation, while 4G is the previous generation. 5G offers several key improvements over 4G, including faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect a larger number of devices. 5G networks are capable of providing download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, while 4G networks typically provide download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Additionally, 5G networks have a lower latency, or delay, which means that data is transmitted more quickly. This is important for applications that require real-time communication, such as virtual reality and self-driving cars. Another major difference between 5G and 4G is the number of devices that can connect to the network. 5G networks are designed to support a much larger number of devices than 4G networks, which means that they can handle the increasing number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. 5G also has a wider frequency range than 4G, which allows for mo

ChatGPT aur Google me kya difference hai?

  ChatGPT aur Google dono alag-alag hain. ChatGPT ek language model hai jo ki OpenAI dwara train kiya gaya hai. Iski madad se hum natural language text ko generate, understand, aur respond kar sakte hain. Google, on the other hand, ek search engine hai jo ki internet par available information ko search karne ki capability rakhta hai. ChatGPT language model ke through hum natural language text ko generate kar sakte hain, jese ki poetry, stories, articles and so on. Iski madad se hum human-like text ko generate kar sakte hain. Google, on the other hand, internet par available information ko search karta hai. Iske through hum kisi bhi topic ke bare me jankari le sakte hain. Dono alag hain, lekin kuch similarities bhi hain. Dono natural language text ke sath work karte hain. ChatGPT natural language text generate karne ke liye use kiya jata hai, aur Google natural language text ko search karne ke liye use kiya jata hai. ChatGPT ke through hum natural language text ko generate kar sakte hai

software freshers ke liye interview me puche jane wale 10 question aur unke answers, hindi me.

  Apne aapko kya describe karenge? Answer: Main ek software engineer hoon aur main computer programming, problem solving, critical thinking aur teamwork skills ke saath software development mein expert hoon. Aapko programming language mein kis skill ke saath experience hai? Answer: Main primarily C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP aur C# jaisi programming languages mein experienced hoon. Aapne kis project mein work kiya hai? Answer: Main ne multiple projects mein work kiya hai, jisme main ne database management, web development, machine learning, aur mobile app development kiye hai. Aapko software development ke process ke bare mein kya pata hai? Answer: Main software development ke process ke bare mein pata hoon, jisme design, development, testing, deployment aur maintenance shaamil hai. Aapko Agile aur Scrum ke bare mein kya pata hai? Answer: Main Agile aur Scrum ke bare mein pata hoon, Agile ek iterative aur incremental software development process hai, jisme flexibility aur cus

6 common interview questions for IT freshers

  Here are some common interview questions for software freshers and suggested answers: Can you tell us about your educational background and experience in the field of software development? I have a [degree/diploma] in [computer science/software engineering], and I have been learning software development through online tutorials and personal projects. I am familiar with programming languages such as [list relevant languages] and have experience with [list relevant technologies or frameworks]. Why do you want to work in software development? I am passionate about technology and solving complex problems using code. I am excited about the opportunity to work with a team of experienced developers and to continue learning and growing in the field of software development. Can you give an example of a personal project you have worked on? I recently worked on a project where I developed a [web application/mobile app/etc.] that [describe the project and its purpose]. I used [list relevant te

rails 7 new features over rails 6

Rails 7 was released in August 2021, it includes several new features that were not present in Rails 6, including: Action Mailbox: A new feature that allows you to route incoming email to controller-like mailboxes for processing. Action Text: A new feature that allows you to easily add rich text editing and storage to your Rails application. Parallel Testing: A new feature that allows you to run tests in parallel, which can significantly speed up your test suite. Multiple Database Support: A new feature that allows you to connect to multiple databases from a single Rails application. Import Maps: A new feature that allows you to import JavaScript modules using import maps, which can help to improve the performance of your application. Action Cable Testing: A new feature that allows you to test Action Cable, the Rails framework for real-time communication, more easily. Active Record: Some new features were added to ActiveRecord, like support for custom types, and more control over the o

how can we make money with chatGPT?

  There are several ways you can make money using ChatGPT, including: Developing and selling chatbot applications: You can use ChatGPT to create chatbot applications for businesses, such as customer service bots or virtual assistants. Providing language generation services: You can use ChatGPT to generate written content, such as articles, blog posts, or product descriptions, for businesses or individuals. Building and training custom language models: You can use ChatGPT to build and train custom language models for specific industries or use cases, and then sell access to those models. Creating and selling conversational AI games and apps. Creating and selling educational content generated by ChatGPT Creating a natural language understanding service for customer service or other purposes. Keep in mind that these are just a few examples, and there are many other ways you can use ChatGPT to generate income. It is also important to comply with any legal and ethical guidelines related to

Define a Procfile

  Use a Procfile,  a text file in the root directory of your application, to explicitly declare what command should be executed to start your app . The Procfile in the example app you deployed looks like this: web: npm start. This declares a single process type, web , and the command needed to run it.

credentials not working in staging/production | Ruby On Rails

  Create credentials for production environment To create credentials for  production  environment, we can run the following command: $ EDITOR="code --wait" rails credentials:edit --environment production The above command does the following: Creates  config/credentials/production.key  if missing. Don’t commit this file. Creates  config/credentials/production.yml.enc  if missing. Decrypts and opens the production credentials file in the default editor. We share the  production.key  with limited members of our team who have access for production deployment.

upload attachment via base64 | Active Storage | Ruby On Rails

models/attachment.rb class Attachment < ApplicationRecord attr_accessor :base64 has_one_attached :file after_initialize :set_file private def set_file return if self . base64 . blank? decoded_data = Base64 . decode64 ( self . base64 . split ( ',' )[ 1 ]) self . file = { io: StringIO . new ( decoded_data ), content_type: 'image/jpeg' , filename: 'image.jpg' } end # end of private end